Our Toy Aussie and Mini Aussie Females

ASDR Grand Elite Justa Little Dark Side of the Moon

black bi toy aussie Justa Little Dark Side of the Moon

Pink is a beautiful black bi toy australian shepherd.  Pink was invited to the 2015 Las Vegas Nationals.

ASDR Grand Elite Champion MarLoWin's Bells Are Ringing for Elle Mae

double blue eyed tri black bi MarLoWin's Bells Are Ringing for Elle Mae

Elle Mae is a double blue eyed tri that was born here.  She is a sweet delight and a better personality you could not ask for.  Elle Mae took second at the 2016 ASDR Las Vegas Nationals, we are very proud of our girl.

ASDR Grand Elite Champion MarLoWin's Battle of Shiloh

blue merle toy aussie MarloWin's Battle of Shiloh

Shiloh is a beautiful girl and we are excited to have her second litter of puppies on the way.  Shiloh is bred to Maverick who is a Kevlar x Tootsie baby.  Shiloh earned 4th at the 2016 ASDR Las Vegas Nationals.

CH CrclK's Wee Willy Nellie of MarLoWin

black tri toy aussie CrclK's Wee Willy Nellie of MarLoWin

Willie Nellie is a full sister to our Sophie.  She is very sweet young girl.

MarLoWin's Walking on Long Creek

black tri toy aussie - Marlowin's Walking On Long Creek

Walker is a small toy australian shepherd.  Walker came to us from our good friend Larry Adcock.  Walker has earned her ASDR Level One Title.

CW's Ravishing Rosie

black tri mini aussie - CW's Ravishing Rosie

Rosie came to us at a year and half old and has been a delight.  She is a very sweet girl who likes to go for card rides and to work with me.


MarLoWin's Bohemian Rhapsody "Mia"

Black tri toy female aussie rim fire aussie lines.

Mia is a beautiful black tri female with great bloodlines and is clear across the board on a full panel from Paw Print Genetics.  She passes her sweet temperment to her puppies.  

MarLoWin's Katie Bird "Katie"


Katie was born here.  Her parents are Maggie and Kevlar.  We are loving what we see out of this little girl.  She is truly her mother's clone.  


Blue merle female toy aussies for sale.

Marlo was our only pup in Mia's second litter with Kevlar.  She is a beautiful blue merle female and we are loving what we see from this little one.  One of my neice Kyndal's favorite girls to show.

MarLoWin's Lil Spin of the Wheel "Savannah"

Red merle toy aussies being show at AKC Fun Match in Owensboro Kentucky

Savannah goes back to Justa Little Doodlebug.  Savannah is a gorgeous red merle toy female who is just under 14".    My neice Erin is not to be outdone by her younger sister.  Love seeing the next generation of the sport having fun.

MarLoWin's Regal Lunar Eclipse


Luna was born here and is out of our Elle Mae and a friends male Haze.  Luna has a great temperment and of course is another favorite of the girls.  

Chapman JustaLittle Mitzi at MarLoWin


Mitzi is a sweet black tri female that came to us from Chapman Aussies and goes back to our Kevlar.  


MarLoWin's Lil Blaze of Glory "Screech"


I love this little red head.  We have had a bond since she got here.  She was our pick puppy out of a litter sired by our Remington.  Screech loves agility, rally and scent work.  Conformation not so much, but oh well we try.

Hillside's Crooked Lazy S Marlowin's Mocha


Mocha is a gorgeous red tri that I fell in love with at a show.  Mocha has a excellent pedigree. 

Toy Storys Lil Regal Reagen at MarLoWin

Toy Storys Lil Regal Reagen at Marlowin

Reagen is a beautiful red tri with two blue eyes that came to us from Lisa at Toy Story Aussies.  Reagen is co owned with our friend Kim Schnepp.


Multiple BIS ASDR Elite Grand Champion Herd About Maggie Bird


Maggie was the third toy aussie that I purchased.  She was born August 2010 and is the matriarch of the family.  Maggie had a spectacular show career and had many BIS and BOB wins.  She was the 2016 BIS Veteran at the Las Vegas Nationals.  She is

ASDR Elite Champion Justa Little Cowboy Serenade

Justa Little Blue Cowboy Serenade

Love, Love, Love this girl.  Sophie was one of my first girls and she has such a sweet attitude.  She passes her good nature and love onto her puppies and we could not be happier.  We decided to retire Sophie in 2016 and she now lives with a friend in Southern Indiana.

ASDR Champion Circle K's Ruby Slippers

Circle K's Ruby Slippers red tri toy aussie

 Ruby is a sweet girl who have us two litters.  We decided to place Ruby this year and she lives with a family in Owensboro who has an autistic son.  Ruby has  lot of energy and I never saw this to be a good match and put them off for a couple of months, but it could not be a better fit.   

Parsons Dressed In Black "Roxanne"

Parsons dressed in black red merle toy australian shepherds

  Roxanne came to us from Kathy Parsons.  She is a very sweet and shy girl who has been retired.   Roxanne had one litter before she was affected with an auto immune disease.  She has been fixed and is just running around and enjoying herself.

Celebrity Wards Little Willow


I fell in love with Willow from her picture.  She was one of my first and I have loved every minute with her.  Willow has given me several beautiful pups and her Elle Mae is still in my program.  Willow retired in 2018 and lives with my friend and handler when I need an extra hand Teresa.

Reference Sires/Dams


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