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What Got Me Started

I host a couple of shows a year and saw a fleece tug at a vendor's booth in Indianapolis and thought it was a unique item that I could use as prizes.  I initially ordered my prizes but started working and playing on tugs of my own.  

Totally customizable

I truly had not ever given thought to how different colors and types of fleece there are. 


 These braided toys are made of polyester fleece, which is easy on teeth and doesn't shred into tiny pieces like rope toys do. This tough braid is great for chewing or tug, and is ideal for small to medium sized dogs.

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Braided Tugs - 3 strand


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Bait Bag Tugs


These bait bags are designed to help your dog have a great play experience.  If you have one that is not crazy about play tug, put a treat in here and help them have fun.

Braided Tugs - 4 Strand


Our four strand braided tugs are such fun to create, these are very durable and can be customized to be larger or smaller depending on your breed.

Agility Leashes


These leashes are really fun, they are super flexible and allow you to have fun with your dog before an event.

Circle Tugs


These little circle tugs are a great gift for someone or prize for an event.

Ball Tug Toys


Ball Tugs are fun for both you and your dog.  You can get some reach on these tug toys when you want to give them a toss.